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Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

In previous years I had my own website at for all my classes. (You're not crazy if you clicked the link and it brought you back to here). This year I'm migrating to Canvas. Some information and resources will still be at my old site but you will only be able to access them when I want you to access them by using links from here or from Canvas. Change is difficult, as soon as you accept that then life gets easier (I keep telling myself).

So, instead of standards, let me post a few links for you:

CANVAS login

Utah Compose login

My web page

If you are taking Personal Finance 1050, you will need to purchase the textbook. The textbook for this course is:

Personal Finance, 11th Edition by Jack Kapoor and Les Dlabay and Robert J. Hughes
(Copyright 2015)

ISBN10: 0077861647 or

ISBN13: 9780077861643

class="text_message"You can purchase this textbook through Amazon or at the SLCC Bookstore.

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